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KC Grilling Company is a barbecue supply store located in Olathe, Kansas. We carry the best grills, meats, rubs and seasonings, sauces, and accessories to help you with your BBQ needs. Our friendly team of BBQ Pitmasters are here to serve you and answer all your BBQ questions while getting the right rubs and sauces to complete your meal or set take your competition cooking to the next levels. Stop in and spend some time with us and you’ll see why people keep coming back!

what makes us so trusted?

Locally Owned



Premium Meats

KC Grilling Co features only quality cuts of meat guaranteed to make it tender on your grill and satisfy your BBQ needs

Cooking Classes & Events

These classes are fun and educational! You’ll learn how to grill like a pro from a professional BBQ Pitmaster. Find out how KC Grilling Company can teach you how to make mouthwatering BBQ dishes like ribs, briskets, chicken, and seafood!

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