The Crew with the knowledge

KC Grilling Company Pitmasters

Our crew of Pitmasters are here to help you with your BBQ Cooking Journey! They can help guide you in the right directio, whether it’s meat, grills, fuels, or the right accessory! Stop by and let them set you up for BBQ Success!

Trey Zink

An EX Cop with the likeness of Andy Reid and Travis Clark, he is an ordained minister who is talented in drawing, calligraphy, butchering large cuts of meat, and wishes to have broccoli as one of the last items he ever eats

Josh dewitt

This pitmaster has been making noise all across the bbq world with his brand new award winning BBQ Rub, JDQ Sweet Rub. You can find him on the BBQ Circuit at your next national contest or in store, helping future grillmasters!

Jeremy Williams

A current Elementary PE teacher who secretly wishes he could be a Professional Fisherman even though he’s only good at catching a cold or a buzz, he enjoys taking long hot bubble baths, thinks the Lion King is one of the top 3 movies ever made, and is a talented juggler who absolutely loves Taylor Swift music.


When he is not moonlighting as a freelance graphic designer, he enjoys collecting comic books and random animal skulls for creative inspiration. He loves truffles and thinks Mustard is the only acceptable condiment to put on a hotdog, but has a fear of shipwrecks that’s why he resides in the Midwest #Landlocked. He hopes to be like Ron Swanson when he grows up and if needed will design a BA BBQ logo for you in minutes!


The self proclaimed “King of the North” since he lives in the Northland loves watching Sci-Fi movies and painting murals on bedroom walls. When not in the classroom or on the football field he likes collecting random sports memorabilia and He-Man action figures. He loves Vienna Red Hot Riplets, freshly brewed unsweetened Iced Tea, thinks McDonald’s hot mustard may be one of the best condiments ever, and occasionally gets mistaken for The Mountain from Game of Thrones.

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These classes are fun and educational! You’ll learn how to grill like a pro from a professional BBQ Pitmaster.