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Stop by the KC Grilling Company every Thursday for freshly smoked BBQ! Use the forms below to reserve your racks of ribs, burnt ends, or chicken wings and we’ll have them ready by 4pm that afternoon!

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Smithfield® Pork Ribs

We use Smithfield® Brand pork back ribs during our competition grade smoking process. Their exceptional flavor and texture have helped our pitmasters win numerous contests and we know they’ll win over your taste buds too!

Ribs are available again on January 31st for $20 per slab

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Brisket Burnt Ends

Burnt ends are great – especially when some of the nations best cooks prep them fresh, just for you! Stop by our limited Thursdays when they are available. Reserve your pounds quickly, these our one of our most popular Smoked BBQ meals!

January 17th, our first Burnt End Thursday! Grab them by the pound – $16 per pound, paid in the store! JAN 17th online RSVP is closed, we are sold out!

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Smoked Chicken Wings

Everybody loves chicken wings, and now you can have some of the best in the business, $12 per dozen. You pay when you pick up at the store, but remember to fill out the form to reserve your dozen(s)!

Chicken wings are available again on January 24th

Chicken wings for 1/24/19 are sold out! Get your orders in early for next time, Feb 14th!

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