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Meet Our Helpful Staff

At the KC Grilling Company, our staff makes the difference! Come in and meet with our top BBQ chefs and learn from their many years of experience as both competition champion cooks and backyard gourmets. We know our products and love to share!

Richard Fergola

AKA- “Fergie” or “Rico”
Fergolicious BBQ

Growing up on the streets of T-Town when he wasn’t break dancing or breaking his neck (True Story) he could be found wrecking a sancho platter at Taco Villa, watching Rocky movies at West Ridge Mall, or hustling some homies to add to his rare collection of Belt Buckles, his current passion is BBQ but deep down inside he wishes he could be a Gangsta Rapper.

Jeremy Williams

AKA “J-Dub or “Ginja Ninja”
Fergolicious BBQ

A current Elementary PE teacher who secretly wishes he could be a Professional Fisherman even though he’s only good at catching a cold or a buzz, he enjoys taking long hot bubble baths, thinks the Lion King is one of the top 3 movies ever made, and is a talented juggler who absolutely loves Taylor Swift music.

Rick Jimenez

AKA “Haus”
Fergolicious BBQ

An avid Bowler who has scored multiple 300 games, he enjoys taking long walks with his dog, his hobbies are sleeping, eating, and sending his buddies the most life altering videos and images via social media.

Trey Zink

AKA “Trey”
Cooks with The Shed BBQ Team

An EX Cop with the likeness of Andy Reid and Travis Clark, he is an ordained minister who is talented in drawing, calligraphy, butchering large cuts of meat, and wishes to have broccoli as one of the last items he ever eats

Josh DeWitt

AKA “The Scooby Guy”
Scooby Dooby Que

Growing up on the pitch the majority of his young life it is only fitting that he is an avid Sporting KC fan who led a past life of recruiting some of the Top Hip Hop and DJ Talents in the country but currently he secretly wishes to be a WWE wrestler, his favorite saying is “Fire”, likes talking to others and probably knows someone you know.

Joel Fleetwood

Meat Rushmore BBQ Team

He is a banker by day, BBQ beast on the weekends, has an interesting collection of Pete Rose memorabilia, secretly wishes he could read minds, wants to be reincarnated as a Gorilla, loves Sporting KC and currently resides in the 5th largest city in Missouri.

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